Monday, April 17, 2017

Roses, Thorns, and Angels with Horns.

It's easy to call that fully open and delicate rose beautiful when you haven't been cut by its thorns. 
That transparent sky is a beauty too until it blackens, swells and mourns. 

Those galaxies are fascinating to examine with your naked eye.
Lovely to behold but never to touch. If you could stretch so far, you'd die. 

The chaos raging in those galaxies would rip all of your breath out of your chest. 
How lovely the wine! But not the grape that has been stomped and pressed. 

Every beautiful beholding has come through an immeasurably great price. 
The salvation of a human soul in exchange for a Holy God's life. 

To experience the freedom of forgiveness like a flood. 
To realize those redeeming waters that wash you consist of innocent Blood. 

It's easy to call that fully open and delicate rose beautiful when you haven't been cut by its thorns. 
It's easy to believe in angels, but hard to believe in the ones that grew horns. 

You call my mind beautiful. Consider that it has been pricked and that it bleeds. 
You see my great strengths. Consider that I have great needs. 

You see this humble man and great King and you desire to be like Him.
Just don't forget He left His Kingdom to die and become sin. 

You marvel at the ocean and its unsearchable depth.
Just don't forget that those waters fill cavities on this earth where bottoms can't be met. 

You're in awe of the stars as they dance and burn for you. 
Just don't forget the chaos, the violence and fury they exist through. 

It's easy to call that fully open and delicate rose beautiful when you haven't been cut by its thorns. 
How desirable is a covenant, but who sees the turmoil to fight for oaths that have been sworn?

You see His glory in my life. You see power and you see light. 
Don't be fooled to believe such things come without a violent, private fight. 

To everything there is a season and to every season there is a purpose.
If your stem is rigid and you see thorns growing, don't be nervous.

Your bloom is on the rise. Your petals are coming.
You may hear the wolves howling in the night, but tomorrow the birds will be humming. 

You saw him cross the finish line, but you never tasted his sweat.
You watched her conquer her demons, but those demons you've never met. 

You see the sun but you've never asked it about its violence and rage.
You wait for its warmth, but you're oh so far from the blaze. 

You see the moon but you've never asked it how it feels to be the lesser light.
You see the beauty of one who has surrendered to another's might. 

It's easy to call that fully open and delicate rose beautiful when you haven't been cut by its thorns. 
It's easy to desire to be the King until you're the one everyone scorns. 

Every beautiful beholding comes with thorns and fights and pains.
This is why you must see beauty in your own battles and shames. 

Your thorns cut, but all beautiful things were designed with weapons.
The brightest butterfly is filled with poison for any predator that threatens. 

Don't hate your struggle. Don't hate the song your life is working to compose. 
Don't hate your thorns. With them, you're a beautiful rose to behold. 

Roses are red. Bruises turn blue. 
God has said, "To death, I love you." 

Ceilings and Walls

I lay here and, like a crazy person, I stare at this ceiling. 
I hate it! I hate everything it represents! Limit setting and destiny stealing. 

It pretends to keep me safe from the storms and the rain.
But what can it do for the hurricane in my soul? It can never protect me from life's turmoil! This pain! 

It tells me I'm small, I'm insignificant and most assuredly, I'm insane. 
It tells me about all the boxes, boundaries and borders in my brain. 

My eyes move and my disdain grows as I stare at these walls.
We stay safe inside these toy boxes like G.I. Joes and Barbie Dolls. 

They send me silent messages, and they tell me so many lies.
They tell me I'll be here forever, boxed in, until my heart dies. 

Where are all the roses? Where's the priest? Because I'm in a casket.
This life with walls and ceilings... Dead Man, you can have it. 

Where's the rest? Where's the peace? 
Because I'm laying in a grave.
Serving these walls and ceilings... Dead Man, you can be their slave. 

I clench my teeth. Tears sting. My jaw is stern.
Through me, these ceilings and walls have a lesson to learn. 

You can't persuade everyone. You can't get into every head. 
Not everyone is going to sleep in the bed of complacency until their dead! 

NOT ME! Call the doctor! I've lost it. Yeah, I'm finally free.
I've lost your lies. I've lost your threats. I've lost all your seeds. 

I know. You worked hard to sow. But with all my might, I let go. 
This ceiling is far too low, and these walls move far too slow. 

I can't succumb to these ceilings and walls. 
I'm not made of plastic like Barbie Dolls. 

There's blood in my veins, and it's boiling hot!
It triggers my brain and reminds me what you're not.

You're not my friend, and you're not my forever.
You're not my standard, and you're not my never. 

You don't set my limits. You are not my end.
You can't keep me kept. We'll never blend. 

I won't be drugged or hypnotized. 
I won't be numbed or desensitized. 

Dead Man, you can keep this silence, this space, and these ceilings and walls. 
I'm too alive for this bondage. I choose the prison of Paul. 

Dead Man, you can have this safety, this protection, and this covering. 
My lungs have too much air for all of that smothering. 

I'm out. I gotta go. I'm leaving you behind. 
I'm out growing and out living these ceilings and walls in my mind. 

It's time for me to taste the sky you kept me from seeing.
It's time for me to encounter the life you've kept me fleeing. 

Ceiling and Walls, just promise me one thing of our time together.
Hold my story in your paint, and forget me never.

When another radical who is boxed in stares at you and hopes for more.

They'll see my story in your paint, and they'll run for the door. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Goblins and Hobbits

These lies are raging, and I'm caving. 
Masters of caging are preventing my saving.

I'm drowning as I'm downing your threats.
You goblins and hobbits make bets. 

Who can fake out and take out this warrior with a sword of fire?
Who can rake out her hope and pull the electricity from the wire?

They have me tied behind these iron bars, lock and key.
I'm starting to believe they can lock up this lion in me. 

My voice is raspy. I'm gasping. No room for a roar. 
They strap me. They're happy. Where's my courage? I have no more. 

Worms in my brain, they seek to tame me.
Liars that set fires, and they blame me. 

This snake won't give me a break. Do you fear me so?
How much more can I take? I don't know. 

Do you need so many darts in the heart of only one fighter? 
You call so many against me. "Stab her! Pierce her! Bite her!" 

Do you need all of Hell to make me fail? Am I so strong?
Your entire kingdom assigned to make me frail. Have you feared me all along? 

Jezebel, you come to threaten that you'll bring me to my grave. 
Come. Elijah is here hiding in a cave. 

Just remember. God hides what He adores.
I'm a bride, not a whore. The veil over my eyes has been torn.

I see you. You can't cage what won't be bound.
I flee you. You can't find what won't be found. 

You're looking for me inside of that cave.
You're looking for me inside of that grave.

You're looking for me where you left those chains.
You're looking for me where you left my blood stains. 

Look again. I'm not there. Defy the lie. 
Read the book again. The deal's not fair. I'm far too high. 

Remember my Lord? You killed Him and pinned Him to a cross and somehow you still lost?
God, from a virgin's womb, you put in a tomb and still it was you who was doomed! 

In the same way, today, you cannot shake me. 
You've been lying since Eden. You've got so many hearts bleeding, but you still cannot break me. 

I'm flying despite the worms, the chains, the cage, the cave and the grave. 
My wings are weak, but their strong under the winds of my God who is mighty to save. 

You eat at me and you beat at me and you leave me black and blue.
But this seed in me pleads with me and leads me to the Truth. 

I make my decision with strong precision. There is no backing down. 
I choose this mission over the human condition. I put on this wedding gown.

King, You have kept me kept so I'm taking this step. I'm jumping into the unknown.
I'll reach new heights to know new depths. It's done. This seed is sown. 

I'll drag these chains and this cage behind me before I live inside.
Devil, you're trying to kill someone who has already died. 

Like Paul, I have been crucified with Christ.
When Jesus beat you and the tomb, I did too. Now, I have my life. 

These goblins and hobbits with all of Hell can quickly take a seat.
Greater is He that is in me... In Him, I've always got you beat. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"I Will."


I told you I would follow You. I gave You no conditions.
I buried my face in the red letter text. I gave my life to them. No omissions.

I put my feet in your sandals and my vision began to drastically change.
I see a life in which I am not number one. My wants and opinions don't matter. How strange! 

You said, "Follow Me." I said wholeheartedly, "My Love, I will."
But whoever said it would be easy to watch while all of my ambitions are killed?

Whoever said it would be easy, they lied.
The truth is to follow You is to be crucified. 

Now, I kneel here before You, and to all those I love, I give all of my goodbyes.
I kneel here before You, in the face of the unknown, I forfeit my questions and close my eyes.

My body trembles before you. My shirt is soaked with my tears.
On this mountain, I give up my selfishness. I give up my desires. I give up my fears.

Lord, I know some look at me and say, "Wow. She's completely lost her mind."
But, I've only followed You. I've stepped off the cliff of comfort, and I've left it all behind. 

The weight of Eternity resting on the human heart! I find it hard to breathe.
Leaving my whole world behind to step into Yours! Why do I grieve? 

You're breaking me. Look, world! This is what it means to die!
I separate myself from my own dreams. No wonder disciples cry!

Jesus, say "Follow Me" and then turn and walk away.
Look behind You! I'm here. Every night. Every day. 

If you leave like Elijah, I'm running after You!
Tell me to leave like Naomi. No! Where You die, I die. I'm Ruth! 

If you leave and withdraw to the mountain to hide.
Look! Like Moses, I'm climbing up for You. Just let me sit by Your side! 

You said, "Follow Me." I will. I'm not changing my mind.
For You, oh Love of my life, I leave it all behind.

Jade, I've lived for you long enough. It's time to say goodbye.
He said, "Follow Me." I said, "I will." I forfeit all my questions and close my eyes.

I walk into the unknown. You may think I've lost my mind.
I can't worry about that. I've left it all behind. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Forgive Me.

My knees that have bowed before selfish gods dig into this floor.
My mouth that has cried praises to itself cries selfless cries like it never has before.

My hands that have worked hard against You tremble in your midst.
My eyes that have wandered for worship now rest on You and are fixed.

My head so full of my own ambition hangs so very low.
My back is bent before You screaming of everything I tried to carry on my own.

My eyes are slammed shut, overwhelmed with shame.
My body shakes, this clump of clay to meet with a holy flame.

My breath catches in my throat as I discover you are the very air in my lungs.
My tongue moves to form praise for the One from which all Hope comes.

I am paralyzed here. My quaking hands lifted high.
I know I have been blind and deaf. Nonetheless, oh God, draw nigh.

Repentance, like a breaking dam, pours from my posture.
I have treated my life like it was my book to write. I am my own author.

An ounce of pride is far too much. Destroy it while You are here.
Wash me with fire. Clothe me in white.
Help me see! Help me hear!

An ounce of independence is far too much. Teach me again to trust You.
Oh, Voice On The Wind, come!
Come to my rescue!

How could I go a single day without kissing Your face in prayer?
How could I orchestrate my own life? How could I even dare?

Forgive me, Father. I have been far from you. Not in deed, but in heart.
How did I forget that You are my ending, and You, oh Lord, are my start?

You were my first Love. You will be my last.
You are all of my future.
You hold all of my past.


My eyes open. I am mystified.
My head is lifted, my hands are still, my tears are dried.

Tears swell in my eyes again as I realize You have come and gone.
Only You could leave Hope on a heavy heart that outshines the dawn.

I shake my head from side to side as I marvel at your wonder.
Like a loyal friend, you silently forgave me. Silence from the God of Thunder.

You, Almighty God, visited me in my room.
The Victor over all evil. The One who died and then walked out of the tomb!

A few small moments and You have restored my soul.
A few small moments and like a thief, all of my sin, doubt, shame, and pain You stole.

A few small moments have become larger than life itself.
Because You, oh God, are more than an old dusty book ignored on the shelf.

I am only alive, not my body but my soul, because You live.
Now, teach me to love like you. Teach me, oh God, how to give.

Teach me to forgive in silence and quiet.
Teach me that the wrongdoing of others is no call for a riot.

Teach me to shout of Love, not with my mouth but with my life.
Teach me to be a trustworthy person, a loyal friend, a faithful wife.

Teach me how to walk in strength like lightning but to be as humble as the grave.
Teach me that Love is the most powerful position, mighty enough to save.

God, if it be possible, teach me to be like You.
Maybe I can love people from darkness to light, from blindness to sight too.

Oh God, teach me to be like you.
Oh God, Please do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We live in a world where evil can possess a man to riddle masses of people with bullets.
We live in a world where if someone doesn’t agree with one’s belief system, they’ll put a gun to their head, place their finger on the trigger, and pull it.

We live in a country where women and children are loaded into trucks like store product and transported through our states.
We live in a country where those women and children are sold to be hidden, beaten, and raped.

We live in a city where an 11-year-old can walk home from school and be stabbed by a stranger to his death.
We live in a city where a man takes the place of God in believing he should choose when you breathe your last breath.

We live in a world where children are mentally and physically abused in their own homes and are urged to stay silent.
We live in a world where the souls of countless people are screaming for help, but their mouths stay quiet.

We live in a country where we don’t have to get out of our air-conditioned cars to get food and to get drink.
We live in a country that lives blindly to the fact that someone dies every four seconds from hunger. Does that make your heart sink?

We live in a society where everything is debated, down to whether an individual is male or female.
We live in a society where movie and music stars are heroes, and those that die for our freedom get lost in the details.

We live in a world where people who stand stubbornly for their opinions are still incredibly confused.
We live in a world where when evil things should sicken us, we find ourselves amused.

We live in a place where these very words will offend you because, regardless of the truth, it’s not what you see.
We live in a place where because I said something you don’t agree with, I should have to say, “I’m sorry.”

So, in this world, of what can we be certain? Is there anything in this world that is absolutely true?
I guess this question can only be answered in the moment you look in the mirror and see you.

Despite your opinions and your ideas, do you truly value the lives of others?
Despite race or skin color, when you look at people do you see sisters and brothers?

Do you know well that homosexuals, heterosexuals, and every label in between bleed just like you? Red blood.
Or do you look at those that are different from you and see pigs playing in the mud?

Do you fight to save those that are dying of hunger or those that are sex slaves?
Or are you too busy screaming your opinion while you do nothing but help dig their graves?

Instead of brawling to be right, let’s seek to do good.
Instead of going to war for our opinions, beliefs, and theories, let’s just do what we should.

Instead of getting the last word and winning the debate,
Turn to love, seek to understand, relinquish your hate.

Instead of using a hashtag or updating your profile picture about prayer,
Actually get on your knees before God on the behalf of others because you genuinely care.

Treat every person you meet like it could be his or her last day to live. Treat them with compassion.
Live everyday like it’s your last day to live. Wear love like it’s in fashion.

So, of what can we be certain in a world of uncertainty? Love never fails.
Hatred will lose. Opinions will falter. But Love! Love always avails!

Do you see the hungry? Feed them!
Do you hear the slaves? Free them!

Do you see the lost? Lead them!
Do you hear the forgotten? Heed them!

Do you see the abused? Defend them!
Do you hear the broken? Mend them!

Silence your opinions, and turn up the volume on your grace.
Live your convictions. Stop screaming about them until your red in the face.

Let’s not say that we’re praying when we know that we’re not.
In our rooms, in silence, let’s speak to God on behalf of others, as we ought.

Let’s not preach about love and have nothing to show for it.
Let’s love so extravagantly that even the evilest of hates can’t ignore it.  

There is right, and there is wrong, but let’s not fight to be right.
Fight to be a beacon of hope in a hopeless world. Fight to be a light!

Climb up the hill where hatred and judgment have never made it to the top.
On your way up, though a very hard hill to climb, bitter resentment will drop.

Let's climb up the hill where love cannot be hidden or ignored.
Let's climb up in the face of hate and watch the unthinkable be restored.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Rich Man,

We often make excuses to cover up what the Messiah asked of you.
We throw sugar and make pretty what he actually told you to do.

The text is very clear. The letters are in red.
Jesus said exactly the words we thought He said.

“Give up your possessions. Give everything to the poor.”
It’s astonishing, I know, that He even asked for more.

“Once you’ve given everything, come and follow me.
Give up your life, as you’ve known it, and watch who you become to be.”

We say he only asked for your possessions because there was more wealth in store.
Look! Like magic! Money through this door!

We say he only asked for your money to test the extent of your belief.
Look! I was just kidding! No reason for your grief!

The reality is, you knew He didn’t ask for your stuff so you could end up with much more.
You knew He asked for your stuff so He could make you poor.

You knew He didn't ask for your wealth as a grueling test of faith.
You knew He asked for your stuff so you could look God in His face.

You had too much comfort, too much ease, and too much security. You would never break.
Skin you can't cut and a heart that can’t bleed? I would call it fake.

You were externally rich but internally broke.
You walked away from Eternity, miserable with the words He spoke.

He was offering you a life far beyond riches and possessions.
But these things were your idols, your altars, and your obsessions.

The Messiah was trying to give you a life with great meaning and great depth.
You knew this, but the process to you looked too much like death.

Rich man, it would have been good for you to kiss your stuff goodbye.
Rich man, it would have been good for you to go through the dark season of, “Why?”

Rich man, you would have found your greatest riches in your poverty.
Rich man, you would have found your freedom making giving your life’s policy.

There’s power in weakness. There’s beauty in being broken down.
Rich man, we have the most power when before God, we put our faces to the ground.

You knew He meant it when He said give up everything and then come and follow.
You knew He was making an effort to heal your soul so hollow.

When you read those red letters, and you’re astonished at what He said
Just remember He’s only trying to awaken you from your sleep so dead.

Don’t make it pretty. Don’t sugar coat the cross in which Christ has called us to carry.
No, look it in the face, and make a covenant. Through pain and promise, to You oh Lord, I am married.