Friday, May 22, 2015


If you can change the way you see what you see, you can step into places you never dreamed you would be.

If you can change the way you look at that in which you look, you can take back everything you ever thought the enemy took.

Jesus didn’t see the water as water. He saw it as more.
He viewed that which would cause you to sink as a rock-solid floor.

He didn’t view dying on what the world despised an object of loss.
He knew Salvation and Eternity was waiting on the other side of the cross.

He didn’t see going to Hell as feat too horrific for a King.
He saw it as an epic display through which death would lose its power and its sting.

He didn’t see the short guy hanging from the tree as a man to avoid and leave alone.
He saw the short man’s climbing heart and invited Himself into his home.

He doesn’t view your weakness as a means to push you away.
He sees your weakness as His power, and where you're broken, He comes in and makes His room to stay.

God didn’t see the sea of opposition as the devastating end to the new start.
He saw it as the time to show how the obedience of His people has power for seas to part.

God didn’t see the harlot as a woman to cut out of His holy space.
He saw her as a courageous warrior worthy to be listed among the heroes of faith.

God didn’t see me with spinal meningitis and frown as I was about to die.
He was smiling with miracle power in His heart knowing my mind would one day soar beyond the sky.

God didn’t gasp when you failed, fell short and made that mistake.
He knew His love for you in those situations would cause you to become great.

Deep in darkness, He saw a universe with countless radiating lights.
Deep in the dust, He saw His children that in love would surrender their rights.

Deep in prison, He didn't see Paul's gift bound by iron bars.
He knew the Word sent from prison would have influence beyond the stars.

Deep in Peter's betrayal, God didn't see the coward weeping on the ground.
He knew the power in repentance that would have him die on a cross upside down.

Deep inside of you is the power of perspective that sees Eternity.
Deep inside of you are the eyes of God that don't see things as they are, but as they ought to be.

How do you see what you see, and what exactly holds you back from standing in places you never dreamed you could be?

Change the way you look at that in which you look.
You will take back everything you ever thought the enemy took.

Never look at the mountain and let your shoulders slump.
Look at the mountain, open your mouth and from the top of your lungs shout, “JUMP!” 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Please Love.

Please never assume that you understand the love of God.
After resurrection, Jesus appeared first to an ex-prostitute and demoniac. Odd. 

Please never think you have grasped the limits on where Love is lost.
The Sinless King found His greatest triumph hanging on a cross.

Please never put Love in a box and safely seal it.
It's too great, too big. The power that pulls it will steal it. 

Please never lable one as more loved than another.
The Spotless Lamb went to Hell so the most atrocious sins could be covered. 

Please never see Love as something that you feel. 
Love is much more than that! Love has crushed Satan and his kingdom under its heel! 

Please never only give Love where it is given.
Give love among the ugliest, meanest and most lost of the living. 

Please don't underestimate Love and the power it holds.
There's a ferocious story of strength in Love that has yet been told.

Please see Love as the priceless Treasure.
Please understand it has no limits, no borders, no boundaries and no measure. 

Please love as you have been loved by God. 
Love those that look like Hell itself. Jesus will appear to them first. Odd. 

Please love me as I love you.
Let's watch what Love in all of its magnificence will do.

My Limits Lost. My Kingdom Crumbled.

I approached my territory and found my borders had been torn down.
All of the signs marking my limits were trampled to the ground.

I ran to the house that I built and found it had been ripped apart.
I ran to gather my tools for a new start, and discovered they had been thrown into the depths of the sea's heart. 

I scurried to my blueprint and found it drowned in water, the ink gone.
I reached for a pen only to find them broken to pieces in the lawn. 

I fled toward my flag, the banner that shouted of my strength and power. 
I cried out as I saw it burning, yanked from the heights of the highest tower. 

I fell to my knees astonished. Who was raging war against me and why?
I watched through tears as a new banner was lifted: "KING OF YOUR LIFE"

From the top of my lungs, I shouted, "What are you doing to me?!"
With a voice that shook my bones, HE answered, "I am setting you free!"

Behind me a hammer struck, loud and demanding.
I turned to see a new foundation had been laid and there the King was standing. 

I stood to my feet as the Holy touched the impure.
What I built, excellent to the world, by Heaven's standard needed a cure.

My jaw dropped as I realized the Perfect was building in a broken land.
He came to save me from me, establishing a house that would eternally stand. 

His banner raised, His house built, His blueprint now my plan.
My banner down, my house crumbled, my blueprint surrendered to the Son of Man.

There by my feet was His outline, I opened it and my heart leapt in my chest.
Surely my eyes were looking at the sacred, this was Heaven's best! 

My eyes jumped to His, He smiled wide.
I couldn't imagine such brilliance being for me, my spirit screamed inside.

I grabbed the hand of the One who tore down the shallow comfort of my kingdom.
I looked at my ruins and He asked, "Are you sure you're ready to leave them?"

"Yes, but before I do, there's one thing I inquire.
Please, Lord, if we can, if at all possible, let's lift your banner much higher."

The crumble of my kingdom was the beginning of my destiny.
Know this: When you look at Him, you're looking at the best of me.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Oh, Blood!

Oh, Blood, that washes clean every stain.
Please pour over me touching every fragment of my frame.

Oh, Blood, my sin you stole.
Oh, Blood, You've cleansed my soul.

Oh, Blood! Each drop, I hear it.
Your Blood, oh God, pumps through my spirit.

Oh, Blood! Like a robe You cover me.
Oh, Blood, You've snapped my chains and I'm free.

Oh, Blood, at my accusers You glare.
Oh, Blood, You let them know to keep their distance over there.

Oh, Blood! My past, from crimson to snow.
Oh, Blood, I'm Your prisoner. Never let me go!

Oh, Blood! From dark to light, my life is new!
Oh, Blood, what's Your name? JESUS! It's You!

Oh, Jesus! Your blood soaked cross.
I'm found in Your wounds, no longer am I lost.

Oh, Jesus! Rushing toward me like a raging flood.
Look! Look! Your redemption is near, found in His Blood!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Making Room For You

I used to think that God was making room in my heart for you.
When I fell madly in love with Heaven, I realized that wasn’t true.

My heart is spilling over it’s so full.
God has captured me. I’m magnetized by the pull.

Every intricate part of who I am is whole.
I belong to Eternity, spirit, body and soul.

I’m gone, lost, sinking in irrevocable adoration.
I’m breathless, speechless at His endless dedication.

I used to think that God was making room in my heart for you.
When I came to know God, I realized your heart will be roomless too.

Two full hearts spilling over into each other.
Two full hearts to become father and become mother.

Two full hearts to bring others into our world.
Two full hearts God’s finger has touched and pearled.

For you, my love, there is simply no room.
Let’s love each other through our love from Him until in Eternity we resume.

In your love for the Father, make no room for me.
In your overflow from God, let it spill on my life for this world to see.

I love you, but I’ll forever love Him more.
Love me, but I’m second. He comes before.

My heart is full so I can love you like you deserve.
I am whole so I can uphold and respect you at the fullness of your worth.

My heart overflowing with God will spill over onto you.
Let the love of God in you spill over onto me too.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Casket is Closed

For You, I will die too.
The casket is closed on all the things I thought I knew.

As You did, I will go to the tomb.
I lay down my life and return to the purpose you gave me in the womb.

As did Jesus, I cry out as I die.
My spirit, louder than flesh, shouts to please the King drawing nigh.

As the King, I put this death on display.
Look! Look! My selfish, filthy sin is finally out of the way!

Look! Look at me! 
This is what it means to be free!

I've died and I'm dead.
Watch me now as I live like I believe what He said!

Behold! I'm alive in Christ.
Behold! One who found everything when she lost her life.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Your Hands Are Dirty

Your hands are dirty. You slept in the dirt.
But your hands are dirty, too, from all the people that you hurt.

Your face is dirty, smeared with mud turned black.
But your face is dirty, too, because of all the compassion that you lack.

Your mouth is dirty. You’ve been eating from the trash.
But your mouth is dirty, too; your tongue known to whip and lash.

Your clothes are dirty. You’ve been sleeping with the dogs.
But your clothes are dirty, too, craving wealth and fashion like hogs.

Your heart, however, pumps the same as mine.
My! My! The things we can’t see with our eyes shut blind.

Your soul, however, yearns the same as mine.
Longing for Eternity at the end of our time.

Your spirit, however, longs for love the same as mine.
My! My! What we miss when the light does not shine.

All have been dirty and all can be made clean.
The dead, empty fields can blossom, the brown turns green.

Look! Look around! All your sister and your brother.
Love! Love profound! Pour it out on one another.

Look! Look around! Dirty, crimson stains everywhere you go!
Love! Love profound! Turns them white as snow.