Monday, April 20, 2015

Oh, Blood!

Oh, Blood, that washes clean every stain.
Please pour over me touching every fragment of my frame.

Oh, Blood, my sin you stole.
Oh, Blood, You've cleansed my soul.

Oh, Blood! Each drop, I hear it.
Your Blood, oh God, pumps through my spirit.

Oh, Blood! Like a robe You cover me.
Oh, Blood, You've snapped my chains and I'm free.

Oh, Blood, at my accusers You glare.
Oh, Blood, You let them know to keep their distance over there.

Oh, Blood! My past, from crimson to snow.
Oh, Blood, I'm Your prisoner. Never let me go!

Oh, Blood! From dark to light, my life is new!
Oh, Blood, what's Your name? JESUS! It's You!

Oh, Jesus! Your blood soaked cross.
I'm found in Your wounds, no longer am I lost.

Oh, Jesus! Rushing toward me like a raging flood.
Look! Look! Your redemption is near, found in His Blood!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Making Room For You

I used to think that God was making room in my heart for you.
When I fell madly in love with Heaven, I realized that wasn’t true.

My heart is spilling over it’s so full.
God has captured me. I’m magnetized by the pull.

Every intricate part of who I am is whole.
I belong to Eternity, spirit, body and soul.

I’m gone, lost, sinking in irrevocable adoration.
I’m breathless, speechless at His endless dedication.

I used to think that God was making room in my heart for you.
When I came to know God, I realized your heart will be roomless too.

Two full hearts spilling over into each other.
Two full hearts to become father and become mother.

Two full hearts to bring others into our world.
Two full hearts God’s finger has touched and pearled.

For you, my love, there is simply no room.
Let’s love each other through our love from Him until in Eternity we resume.

In your love for the Father, make no room for me.
In your overflow from God, let it spill on my life for this world to see.

I love you, but I’ll forever love Him more.
Love me, but I’m second. He comes before.

My heart is full so I can love you like you deserve.
I am whole so I can uphold and respect you at the fullness of your worth.

My heart overflowing with God will spill over onto you.
Let the love of God in you spill over onto me too.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Casket is Closed

For You, I will die too.
The casket is closed on all the things I thought I knew.

As You did, I will go to the tomb.
I lay down my life and return to the purpose you gave me in the womb.

As did Jesus, I cry out as I die.
My spirit, louder than flesh, shouts to please the King drawing nigh.

As the King, I put this death on display.
Look! Look! My selfish, filthy sin is finally out of the way!

Look! Look at me! 
This is what it means to be free!

I've died and I'm dead.
Watch me now as I live like I believe what He said!

Behold! I'm alive in Christ.
Behold! One who found everything when she lost her life.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Your Hands Are Dirty

Your hands are dirty. You slept in the dirt.
But your hands are dirty, too, from all the people that you hurt.

Your face is dirty, smeared with mud turned black.
But your face is dirty, too, because of all the compassion that you lack.

Your mouth is dirty. You’ve been eating from the trash.
But your mouth is dirty, too; your tongue known to whip and lash.

Your clothes are dirty. You’ve been sleeping with the dogs.
But your clothes are dirty, too, craving wealth and fashion like hogs.

Your heart, however, pumps the same as mine.
My! My! The things we can’t see with our eyes shut blind.

Your soul, however, yearns the same as mine.
Longing for Eternity at the end of our time.

Your spirit, however, longs for love the same as mine.
My! My! What we miss when the light does not shine.

All have been dirty and all can be made clean.
The dead, empty fields can blossom, the brown turns green.

Look! Look around! All your sister and your brother.
Love! Love profound! Pour it out on one another.

Look! Look around! Dirty, crimson stains everywhere you go!
Love! Love profound! Turns them white as snow.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Love, My Love!

My love, my love! Can you grasp the full measure of my love for you?
Can you calculate the cost of a King bloody, black and blue?

It’s not about your works or words, it’s about who you are.
I love the essence of your soul with every fragment of my heart.

You can’t earn it and, quite frankly, you don’t have to.
Lend me your love, your will, your heart and see what I will do.

You can’t buy it and, quite honestly, this is treasure beyond price.
Surrender to me your plans, your body and your entire life.

I know this sounds crazy, but I’m madly in love with you.
You will never know how to experience it fully until you let me rescue.

Rescue you from yourself, your heart so filled with stains.
Watch me love you as I cleanse it until none of it remains.

Rescue you from believing there’s anyone that could love you more.
I’ll save you from that disbelief that’s a thief of my ardor.

Of your affection, of your time, of your thoughts I am jealous.
Of your purpose, of your destiny, of your spirit, I am zealous.

Don’t seek me in your dreams, your gifts and talents, or a sermon that you preach.
Seek me in the quiet place, behind the veil like a priest. 

On your knees, hands high, encounter my fervent affection.
Give up your heart with its issues, and let me show you my perfection.

Whatever you hand over, trust me, it’s worth the gain.
You’ll be a temple of only glory, not glory mixed with shame.

I’ll burn up all of the issues buried deep within your heart.
Everyday will be the first day of your life, a holy and righteous start.

All of those things that you thought were dead, I’ll resurrect out of the tomb.
Me, the God of Eternity, will visit you in your room.

Seek me in the quiet, holding nothing back.
I’ll show how much I love you, your life will never lack. 

Listen, hold on, and please know that this is true.
If there’s one thing I’m always saying it’s, “I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.” 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crimson While It Bleeds.

Love, as we have seen it hanging from a tree, surpasses the human body, world and galaxies.

Love, as we have known it crimson while it bleeds, sees strength, might and power when Hell has knocked you on your knees.

Love, as we understand it rust through your wrists, in a moment's time, the weight of your sin it lifts. 

Love, as we have seen it thorns through your skin, is the endless source of grace washing our filth over and over again.

Love, as we have witnessed wounds upon your back, will never see you, not one day, in your position of lack. 

Love, as we have known in naked, bloody shame, every second of every hour makes Righteousness your name.

Love, as you have heard it forgiving from the cross, gives back every moment your sinful blindness lost.

Love, as you have seen in purple mockery, screams that if you're free then you are free indeed!

Love, as we have seen it dying by choice, has given you this day a holy, blameless voice.

Love, as you have known rising from the grave, makes no hesitation on your soul to save.

Love, as you have heard seated on a throne, refuses to leave you or forsake you. You are never alone.

Love, as you have seen it hanging from a tree, has its arms wrapped around you for all eternity.

Love, as we have heard in crimson bloody stains, despite our imperfection permanently remains. 

Friday, February 27, 2015


Often we say we are living for a day to come.
We say we are waiting, expecting to return to where we came from.

Our eyes are set on a day that’s far away.
We endure today’s struggles saying, “We can’t wait to be free from this clay.”

We dream about our future where we see streets of gold.
We are aching to see a Kingdom in the beauty of things we’ve been told.

We’re waiting, waiting, waiting for a day that will be.
What if, though, Eternity wasn’t far away at all but inside of you and me?

God has placed all of Eternity in each and every heart.
We can’t fathom it or grasp it. We don’t understand where to start.
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Eternity is not so far away from you. It’s not hiding.
The thing you crave, the thing you hunger for is in you abiding!

Wake up the spirit God confined within the clay!
Arise, all of Eternity is inside of you this day!

Eternity is not a distant place of dreams.
Forever is among us, so much closer than it seems.

Eternity is not in the future. Eternity is now.
It’s defying everything you thought you knew, crushing every “How?”

Stop looking all around you, and seek the One within you.
You'll find the source of Forever and your Destiny will send you.

Send you beyond the surface of things easy and things cheap.
Send you out for mighty works that even Hell can never beat. 

Eternity is sending you out for greatness. It's sending you out for love.
It's sticking its foot against your chest and giving it a shove.

Knocking you into holy purpose far beyond the lukewarm. 
Knocking you to a place where the angels of heaven sing and swarm. 

Forever is present with you making your heart cry.
It's squeezing on the inside of you, forcing you to ask, "Why?"

"Why am I here and what am I to do?"
Then Eternity answers back, "Give me all of you!"

Eternity is not distant. It's not far away.
Eternity is within you, pleading with you this day. 

Live for more. Burn for bigger. Encounter your purpose.
Then, on that day to come, in His Kingdom, it will have been worth it.